Milla Reika ミラ嶺花


12th April 2014 by Milla Reika & Uika Yugasumi 


Photography by Takahiro Johnny Yokoi

In trust and love she submits all to me. I become and master, her, teacher, protector and tormentor, releasing her from the torments of her own self… and in doing so she realizes and opens my heart to another realm of thought,
passion and understanding.

Milla Reika and Nami Sai at Sydney Rope Festival 2013, performing `Portrait of Shunkin.`

Tale of a Mistress who`s lover, in yearning to be by her side stabs his own eyes so that they no longer be separated by different worlds or alienation caused by blindness. 

A story of complete submission; to oneself, to another and to fate

Photography by Fetographer

Story of Empress Dowager and her harem of `Daruma` (human japanese dolls) created for her own sadistic amusement and pleasure… Limbs these days…. are only for the privileged it seems. 

By Milla Reika

Milla Reika[Nymphetamine] 

Kinbaku Show @ Mementomori in Osaka, Japan

21st July 2013

This show was inspired by Takashi Miike`s film the Box. 

Two young orphan twins and their master belong to a 見世物小屋, old Japanese traveling circus/ freakshow. 

The twins perform a ballerina act with a finale where they are squeezed into narrow boxes and locked inside. 

One of the twins is showered in affection and favored by their master, leaving the other twin feeling neglected and lonely.

Desiring just one night of affection and care, she locks her sister in the box during one of their rehearsal sessions whispering through the tiny gaps in the box `Please endure for just one night. I just want to be you for one night`. . The master walks in at this moment, and there is a scuffle causing a kerosene lantern to fall to the ground and bursting into flames enveloping the box and the twin locked inside. 

Dark story of accidental tragedy, loneliness, sense of helplessness and desire for affection. 

Rope: Milla Reika

Model: Nancy

Photography:Koh Ishifune  [Fossil of Pain]